Monday, March 12, 2012


Moustache has been kickin' butt and summer isn't even here! January started with big news. Daily deliveries out the the famed and acclaimed Farmhouse Inn Restaurant & Spa. We met with the owner and they loved our custom cupcake creations. Then, all of the sudden came the press attention which, we love.

From Fodors Travel Guide to the Daily Candy to Thrillist. Its been non stop so far this year! We have hired about 5 new peeps who have a love and passion for cupcakes like no other to help with the crazy demand in the Burg. Their training starts first at Fourbarrel were they get trained only by the best Brett Whitman. Slowly they move over to frosting techniques and get keen on macchiato rosettas a must when you work at the Stache'.

Work never seems to end and when you get a day off its a good excuse to say hi to our friends back at Fourbarrel. They are doing big things down in the city and with three years of newness and mentions in the Wallstreet Journal and crazy buzz with San Francisco publications it doesn't really get better.

We wanted to add some pics of press and randomness to our blog to show that all your love for us has paid off. 

Thank you Healdsburg. 


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