Friday, June 24, 2011

Gluten Free Food for the Masses.

Christian and I finally visited Bliss bakery in the South A Art District of Santa Rosa and boy did we love it! Gluten free is so under represented in our community and we give props to Bliss for doing what they do! While we were visiting, the owner was hard at work at the counter and one could just see she had such heart and soul in her creations and her shop. We love and relate so much to that. We couldn't make up our minds on all of her goodies and to help she decided to just give us some extra mini cupcakes free of charge. We loved it!

We will be back soon & probably tomorrow! Stylish and modern decor we feel like were stepping into a cute shop in the middle of Hayes Valley in San Francisco. She totally understands the future direction of baking Santa Rosa and we totally support her!

Check her out!

Visit Bliss here:

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